"To live as a tree, sole and free, and to live as a forest, brotherly, this longing is ours."
                                                                                                                        Nazım Hikmet


Group psychotherapies are special environments that are as curative and formative as possible in humanity’s adventure of coexistence. Psychodrama forms the basis of  this scientific beginning. Indeed, it is based on the philosophy of making people’s individual living spaces and existences functional by gathering and reparing their relationships. It fixes problems  by focusing on individuals'  bonds and connections.

In a sense, it aims to repair  bonds and connections, which are the sources of problems, by visualizing the network of relationships, and believes that each person has the power to do this.

J.L. Moreno gave credit to Freud for his groundbreaking approach to the human psyche..  But in addition to that, he developed psychodrama as a liberating method, arguing that the future cannot be created by analyzing individual experiences alone. He developed his method by examining the philosophy, belief system, and teachings that are contemporary and/or have influenced humanity since the beginning, and being influenced by the functionality of each.

Indeed the excavations in the Anatolian lands we live on, Göbeklitepe and Boncuklu Tepe in particular, reveal new secrets of humanity day by day and require us to change our current knowledge.

Nevertheless, what has not changed is that perhaps since then, while people take their route on the earth, they have pursued  ways of living together, being free and autonomous, both individually and together.  Thus, separate communities created great empires and then began to separate as nation-states.

Now, especially with the developments in technology, it has become possible for all people to communicate with each other, regardless of borders. As some people say, the world is becoming one big village,. When we look at it in this way, people have progressed in a cycle of creating both belongings and autonomy through networks and connections that sometimes narrow and sometimes expand with their close environment. J.L. Moreno sought to understand this joint movement (cyclicality) of humanity and the ways in which we can stay together by accepting the existence and reality of each of individual and community. And the theory he developed is aimed at making this possible.

Psychodrama gives people the freedom to get rid of stereotypes, create their futures, repair and realize themselves with their actions and capabilities. It is nourished by people's own individual and familial roots that correspond to their essence.

In summary, psychodrama provides a path to freedom by establishing functional bonds.

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